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Welcome to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan!

Oh, yes… I had been waiting for a very long time for this greeting but, perhaps also due to some fears related to the area security, I had kept postponing the moment… But, finally, here I am and I’ve been feeling safe even from the first step onto the modern Queen Alia International Airport in Amman. The friendly tone and faces of the staff cause me a state of well-being even from the moment the entry visa* is stamped in-country on my brand-new passport! ☺
Jordan (*For multiple entries, the visa is obtained from the Consulate of Jordan in the country of residence)


Prestige Tours, the agency which took impeccable care of all travel details, assured me once again that Jordan is an oasis of tranquility and that it would be to my taste, contrary to the fact that the country is surrounded by territories in conflict of arms, ideas or… interests. Muhammad – the group guide and an extraordinary man – offers his own opinion, smiling playfully: „Would so much money still be invested if there were any problems?”… And the investments belong to the realm of fantasy, as I was to find out, hundreds of BILLIONS of …Euro, dollars or… anything, the currency is almost irrelevant. The amount is dazzling, anyway.



The Kingdom Of Jordan was founded right after the First World War, by Abdullah I – the founding father of a dynasty which has achieved extraordinary things for a relatively small, but full of personality, country. The monarchy brought along peace, stability and, evidently, economic growth. Resource-poor but very rich in history, the country is currently in a visible process of modernization and opening towards tourism – the 5 cultural or natural sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List having a massive contribution to its recognition as a destination of utmost interest for humanity.
Bethany Beyond the Jordan, Petra, Wadi Rum, Umm ar-Rasas, Quseir Amra

Historical and religious importance

The holy land of modern Jordan has witnessed important events in the history of Christianity and more. Strategically positioned at the crossroads to the Holy Land – both for Jews and for Christians, as well as Muslims – it was and has remained a veritable bridge between the East and the West from ancient times. Jordan can boast today of cities which appear both in the Old and in the New Testament, the ruins of citadels of biblical renown can now be explored in complete safety, surrounded by landscapes which have not changed too much in the last 2000 years.
Jordan, Amman, Dead Sea, Jordan DesertOf a ravishing beauty, the land stretches lazily along the fertile and ever-changing Jordan Valley, from the North to the South, on the Eastern side of the life-giving river.

Towards the middle, Jordan indulges itself in the embrace of the sun and covers itself in the rose-orange sands of an immense, wild  desert, frozen in time and in between canyons, to then share the miraculous waters of the Dead Sea with Israel and Palestine (West Bank) and cool itself in the Gulf of Aqaba of the crystalline Red Sea, together with Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. There is also the belief that the Garden of Eden might also have been located here… and I would not be surprised if the roots of the „Tree of Life” were found somewhere among the monoliths of Wadi Rum.
Wadi Rum

Jordan managed to bring to life all my senses, which is why I decided to describe in some detail each objective to be reached by any traveler keen on history, traditions, well-being and, why not, by adventure! ☺

And for this, I once again thank Prestige Tours and Seven Media, because you did everything possible to make me fall irreparably in love with a country which has surpassed absolutely all my expectations! ☺

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