New York in white, black and many grey shades…

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NY you like… or not, although it has many „gray areas”, that can be absolutely fascinating –but in the short term!

“If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere „… An immortal and optimistic Sinatra sings softly, and I think he’s quite right. NY is the city of all possibilities, of greatness, of decay, of all and of no one, the place where can begin… or end it all.

We have the feeling we know so much about it, that we know all its secrets. But The Big Apple has always known how to retain the irresistible charm and mysteries that make it so special.

I visited it several times, I lived there a short time –enough to miss it when I’m away, but also to get tired of it after a few days of staying. The fact is that NY always surprises me… I found it, this time, maybe cooler than ever, and that’s because that specific rush of the area seems to have softened a little.

I tend to think it has to do with the „social media” phenomenon –absolutely every pedestrian being concerned about the mobile phone screen. Strange, but that relaxes New Yorkers a little more –although it puts them in great difficulty, especially at crosswalks or on escalators.

New York has its own personality, built with the engines at full speed, in very short time and with almost unlimited resources, which rises up to the sky in the form of skyscrapers –the tower blocks that have wanted to touch the sky and, perhaps, divinity, driven by the pride of those who want to be demigods, here on Earth…

The heart of NY is Manhattan, Manna-hata in the language of native. And, if in the old days was beating Lenape hearts, the Native Americans from whom was bought “the island with many hills”, and whose footprints you can walk on a stroll through Central Park, now they’re beating millions of hearts that try their luck in one of the biggest cities in the world.

It is the new Babel, the city of immigrants from all over –living with the illusion that their lives will change overnight in the city that never sleeps.

But… so many people, so many habits… and so many dishes. Yes, NY smells like food… It has its peculiar scent, which remains in your mind, in your clothes, on your soul.

But,  if in the old times there was a fast food at every corner of the street, now there were more cafes and corner shops with „healthy food” (they say) and, with them, some more joggers, bloggers and cyclists…

It is the city where everyone feels free to do what they want and to love who they want, but they can easily become prisoners of a lifestyle that, in time, can empty their feelings or resources.

Or it can lead them into a world of their own, away from the daily noise, the exchange rates and financial speculations, the ambulances that find you immediately –but for a lot of money –the infernal traffic at rush hours, the explanations „on the repeat” of a tourist guide, just about everything, some find the perfect refuge in the few green oases of the city and feeding the pigeons or squirrels from the churn gathered in their lives and in their patched-up hats.

Every park has its native, almost every street has its freaks –and certainly every avenue has its energy and its famous people…. depending on the street number or position on the compass. You are East or West, you are Upper, Midtown or Lower, you can be No One or you can be The One…So, YES… “IF you can make it there, you can make it anywhere”…

Sinatra rules!☺

Photo credits: Maria Andrei

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